Eco-friendly scrap metal dealer in New Plymouth

At Meredith Scrap Metals we are committed to being a scrap metal dealer that can be counted on every time in New Plymouth and surrounds. We are known for our competitive prices, hassle-free processing and eco-friendly practices. So bring your scrap to us, we are happy to accept any amount you have. After inspecting and evaluating the scrap we will pay you the cash you deserve. The metal will then be processed and recycled at our yard for future use. If you require scrap metal bins, a collection service or any more info please give us a call today!


Letting scrap metal sit around your home or place of business is not only a waste of space but also a potential money spinner that you are not taking advantage of. Clear out your home garage, work site or commercial premises and let someone else, and your wallet, benefit from it with a visit to Meredith Scrap Metals.


Your old scrap metal could be utilised for a number of applications and useful to a range of industries. We will give your metal a full evaluation when you bring it in. The metals that come in to us are used for many purposes and sectors, including:
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial


We are passionate about doing our part for the environment and are dedicated to recycling scrap metal. We encourage you to collect any old scrap you may have and bring it in, whether it includes copper, brass, batteries or gas bottles.
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